Our story thus far…

Green grass and children;
All that remains of warriors’s dreams.-BASHO

I like long walks through the Afghan mountains and long drives through the Iraqi nights.

This blog is the collected musings of a medic who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and doesn’t have PTSD. I’m too old to still be asking the questions I asked when I left the university and enlisted, but I keep asking them anyway.

I am a constant soldier and sometimes poet. When I grow old, I’ll probably be that crazy old man who lives in the desert howling at the moon.

But here and now, I’m trying to explore the concepts of chivalry and honor and to work out just what the true Dharma for a warrior is meant to be. I’ll talk about history and language and physical fitness and even magic once in a while.

Along the way, I’ll hopefully be recognized as a Knight by the Crown and get a Laurel in Carousing.

  1. In Pursuit of Rainbow says:

    That sounds interesting already. Looking forward to read about history, language and especially the magic Because I do believe in magic. 🙂


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