The Man In The Suit

Posted: October 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

I read somewhere that in the modern age the well tailored suit is to the gentleman what armor once was to the warrior. This, of course, is complete bullshit. The well tailored suit is a costume design to convey to other men in the same costume the idea that you have risen above any need for armor; that you have risen above any need for violence or force.
This, of course, requires first that you endorse the lie that money is itself not a symbol designed to replace violence and force among those too weak or too feminized to employ the real thing. This symbol is especially pushed onto the serfs and peasants when they are in costume and allowed to mingle with those who truly possess force and violence. That possession resting not in their own personal physical prowess but in the purchased prowess of their sheepdogs; armed bodyguards and the walls around their estate.
And especially this applies to the tie around the man’s neck. It is not mere adornment. It is a collar. It is a leash.
The serf is constantly told that prowess and violence are for the uneducated, the uncivilized. That the only legitimate power consist of scraps of paper and in the ones and zeros down at the bank, which are, of course, controlled by those whom the serf farms for. But the serf is assured that, if he plays nice and works hard, enough of the scraps and enough of these ones and zeros will be doled out to him so that he can exercise power, too.
And so, men sacrifice their lives in pursuit of the approval of their masters in the hope that their yoke will be lightened by the gracious contribution of such scraps of paper and ones and zeros. It is hinted that one should dream. But time to dream of anything but commerce is always denied.

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