Property Rights For Your Cabin In The Woods

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Libertarian Money

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There are plenty of ideas that makes me want to string myself up to my ceiling fan by my shoelaces but this one certainly causes me to stare at that ceiling fan with the same eyes I’d stare at a potential lover. Yes, it’s the old cabin in the woods property rights question. If you aren’t unlucky enough to have heard this general idea then here it is:

A man is starving in the woods. (A good liberal will add that man has been walking for 10 days straight. He’s covered in bear attack wounds and mosquito bites. He’s missing a leg that he lost fighting for our country. And, he’s pregnant with a baby that’s dying in his… womb? Anyway…) He comes across a cabin… Would it be moral for him to break into it to eat something to save his life?

The general question is interesting…

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